Basic Step by Step Process From Beginning to End

Following are the steps you will be doing from beginning to end.
If the steps seem simple to you – that’s because it is simple.
Follow the steps, get paid.
That’s It !!


Step One – Click here to Register


Step Two – Pay Thru Paypal


Step Three – Open Training Email


Step Four – Review Training Material
Follow Getting Started Steps


Step Five Option 1 –  Create Your Own Free Website

Best Option for an Alternative Paypal Payment
Open, Copy, and Save EPS Website Image
Get a new email work address
Open a account So You Get Paid
Get a FREE Wix Website FREE
(User Name will be name of Your Website)
Choose the Blank Website Template
(Can Change Desktop icon to Mobile cellphone editing)
Upload saved EPS image to blank page
Change Image Settings and add link or other paylink
Add Text Box below Questions? with Gmail work address
Publish, View for corrections, and Complete


Step Five Option 2 – Purchase Premade EPS Website

In Training site, Click on Link to Order
Open a account So You Get Paid
Enter your Name, PayPal email, and link name
Enter a User/Business name for your Website Name
Pay $10 for Premade Website


Step Six – Begin Promoting Online
Quick Start
You will be copying from online searches
until you start making your own content

Copy Words for Details
Copy Images and Pics
Go Online to Post Details & Pics
Open Confirmation Email to Activate Post
Review Post for Final Edits and Corrections
Repeat  & Remain Steadfast

Tip: How To Promote Online Fast


Step  Seven –  Get Paid and Send Info Email

Change Paypal Settings to email Payment Notifications to you

When you receive Notification of Payment, complete the following:
Congratulate Yourself for Getting Paid!!
Copy EPS Membership Email in your Inbox to Compose an email draft
Edit the draft to your name and the new member’s email adress
Press Send to ensure the new member receives all EPS information

Congratulations! You have completed your EPS Email Processing !!